Triplicate Prescription Program (TPP)


The Triplicate Prescription program (TPP) is an important tool in reducing the misuse and abuse of prescription medications. Funded primarily by the provincial government, the TPP is a partnership of Alberta physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses and veterinarians. The Yukon Medical Council is also a partner.

Administered by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta, the TPP collects prescribing and dispensing data for listed drugs. When the data meet certain criteria, physicians and others involved in the care of the patient are alerted, provided with information and directed to resources to support them in providing safe care.

News & Events

  • Benzodiazepines added to Alberta’s drug monitoring list
    In 2013, half a million prescriptions for at least one benzodiazepine were issued in Alberta, similar levels to all opioid prescriptions combined. To help address the province’s growing health issue with drug abuse and misuse, benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine-like medications have been added to Alberta’s Triplicate Prescription Program (TPP). This change is effective July 1.

    There is no change to prescribing or dispensing processes. Unlike other drugs that are part of TPP, benzodiazepines will not require a triplicate prescription, and prescribers will not be required to register with TPP to prescribe benzodiazepines. Notice to Prescribers - July 2015

  • CAMH Opioid Dependence Treatment Course: For upcoming course dates, check the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine calendar)
  • High-quantity prescribers to receive letters

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General Requests (including TPP Profiles)
780-969-4939 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4939 (Alberta only)

Ed Jess, Director of Physician Prescribing Practices
780-969-4946 or 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4946 (in Alberta)