International Medical Graduates

Dr. Johnson Fatokun
Alberta welcomes International Medical Graduates (IMGs). 

Lesotho, Africa is a long way from Alberta, but Dr. Johnson Fatokun and his Smoky Lake patients are glad he made that journey.

It didn't happen overnight. Almost two years passed from the time Dr. Fatokun made the decision to come here and arriving with his wife and daughter. He says being organized was the key to successfully completing the rigorous registration process.

Now with a busy family practice in Smoky Lake, Dr. Fatokun enjoys working in a small community, and encourages other physicians to consider rural practice too. 

Independent Practice

To be eligible for an Alberta independent practice permit, you must:

  • provide evidence of English language proficiency
  • have an acceptable medical or osteopathic degree, and
  • have completed appropriate postgraduate training.


Registration is a multi-step process that typically takes at least 180 days for IMGs, and longer if you have immigration or work visa requirements. To find out if you may be eligible and learn about our registration process, go to Alberta Medical Practice Permit - Independent Practice, Including Locums.

Supervised Activity

Some Alberta health zones may have opportunities for IMGs to practise under supervision. Check here:

Residency Training

The following programs are available to help eligible IMGs obtain residency training in Canada:


Medical Practice Observation and Experience

IMGs can gain exposure to medical practice in Canada by observing a physician. The observation must be conducted according to the College’s Medical Practice Observation and Experience advice. Note: The College does not maintain a list of physicians interested in supervising a medical practice observer.

Resources for IMGs