This doctor is not accepting new patients.

NOTE: Doctors are responsible for informing the College when there is an update to their practice information (address, phone number, accepting new patients status). This information is then updated on the College website within two business days.

NOTE: Details about College disciplinary actions are posted as soon as possible and in accordance with applicable legislation.

Contact information for this physician has been removed as he/she is not in independent practice and requires supervision.

AlGhamdi, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah M.

Physician Name: AlGhamdi, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah M.
Full Name: AlGhamdi, Mohammed Abdullah M.
Practice: - Supervised Practice Only
Specialty: Not recognized as a specialist
Gender: Male
Language(s): English
Status: Active, Member
Conditions on Practice Permit:
May provide supervised medical services only while in the course of postgraduate medical training
Must work under supervision at all times
Register History:
Provisional Register Postgraduate Trainee: Start Date: 01 July 2013
End Date: 30 June 2015; Reason for End Date: Postgraduate training ended

Last Updated:

May 30, 2015