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Siddique, Dr. Yaseen

Physician Name: Siddique, Dr. Yaseen
Full Name: Siddique, Yaseen
Practice: General Practice
Gender: Male
Status: Active, Member
Conditions on Practice Permit:
The conditions of this Provisional Registration category are those conditions the member must meet to qualify for the General Register. There are no conditions related to this member's practice of medicine, unless otherwise stated.
Register History:
Provisional Register Conditional General Practice: Start Date: 05 October 2011 - present
Provisional Register Physician Undergoing Practice Assessment: Start Date: 19 September 2011
End Date: 03 October 2011; Reason for End Date: Practice Assessment Completed - PRCG
  Contact Information:

1800 194th Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2X 0R3
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(403) 256-8213
(403) 254-8795 (Fax)

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
House Calls: No
Delivers Babies: No

Last Updated:

April 17, 2014